Blog Announcement: Year of Yeh is being discontinued.

The title of the post is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve decided to discontinue my “Year of Yeh” cooking and baking project. The idea was to cook my way through Molly Yeh’s cookbook Molly on the Range, and to post about my experience trying each recipe – kind of like Julie & Julia, but with a different cookbook and a less ambitious timeline. The project was fun at first, and it resulted in some awesome meals, but for a few reasons – i.e. quarantine changing the way I cook, the project limiting my creativity in the kitchen, and realizing that I didn’t enjoy blogging about the project – it just wasn’t working for me anymore.

If you followed my blog because of the Year of Yeh project, I’m sorry. I still love cooking and baking, and want that to continue to be a part of my blog, just a smaller part of it. I’m not sure what form my cooking/baking content will take in the future, but in the meantime, here are some fun things that I cooked and baked (using online recipes or my own creativity – not the Molly on the Range cookbook!) in March:

Author: Hannah Celeste

Hi! I'm Hannah, a book-blogger from the Northeastern United States. I enjoy reading many genres, cooking and baking, doing yoga, and spending time with my two cats.

5 thoughts on “Blog Announcement: Year of Yeh is being discontinued.”

  1. These look delicious! I am especially drawn to the kimchi rice bowl and the sesame soba stir-fry (maybe because I love Asian cuisine). But I can’t cook to save my life and I’d rather skip meals rather than hassle myself with cooking, or else I’ll rip open a pack of cup noodles. If I’ve been eating too much unhealthy food that guilt starts trumping convenience, I’ll stuff some overnight oats in the fridge. So I admire anyone who can cook, especially if it looks as good as this.

    Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying blogging about this anymore, but it looks like you had a great run either way with the project. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much! I definitely guilt myself into eating healthy too sometimes, like you described. And I’ve never tried overnight oats but I keep seeing them on social media! I should try them sometime, I rarely make breakfast anymore!

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  2. Mouthwatering! Try kimchi fried rice some time. And bibimbap. πŸ˜€ My husband loves South Korean tv shows, so I make a fair amount of South Korean meals now. I want to try that Jalapeno pizza.

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