Would You Rather Book Tag

Thank you to Gilana for tagging me in this book tag – it looks like so much fun! Gil is a wonderful book blogger who reviews a variety of genres, and has recently been reading through the Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist. I definitely recommend checking out her blog!

The rules:

  1. Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.
  2. Make up your own questions and tag others.

My answers to gil’s questions:

1. Would you rather only read mass market paperbacks or only read stiff, non-floppy paperbacks?

Tough choice, but I’ll go with non-floppy paperbacks. Mass-market paperbacks tend to have smaller print, which strains my rapidly declining eyes. Also, many new contemporary and literary fiction books are only available as non-floppy paperbacks. If I could only read mass-market paperbacks, I would miss out on some great new books!

2. Would you rather have your favourite character be a terrible person in real life or your favourite author be horrible in real life?

Have my favorite character be a terrible person in real-life. Like Gil said, some of my favorite characters are unlikable anyway, so it wouldn’t be shocking (or a problem for me) if I met them in real life and they were awful.

3. Would you rather meet your favourite booktubers or meet your favourite book blogger?

I don’t do BookTube, so definitely meet my favorite book blogger. The challenge here would be picking just ONE favorite book blogger, because there are many that I would love the opportunity to chat with in real life!

4. Would you rather have to dog-ear your pages or have to write on them?

I am a chaotic monster and do both of these things already. I dog-ear pages mainly out of habit; I’ve just done it that way since I was a kid. I write on pages intentionally because it helps me engage with the book more, and process/internalize it better. So if I could only do one of these blasphemous things, it would be writing on book pages.

5. Would you rather have a damaged book delivered to you every time or the wrong book to be delivered to you every time (the second or third time you may get the right one)?

This is a tough choice because I could potentially be okay with both of these. But I’ll pick having a damaged book delivered every time (as long as the damage doesn’t interfere with my ability to read the book). Having the wrong book delivered would eventually get on my nerves, especially if I wanted the book for a reading challenge with a deadline (like reading through the WP longlist before the winner announcement) or a book club.

6. Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Librarian! If I ever decided to (somewhat radically) change career paths, I would seriously consider a degree in library sciences.

7. Would you rather have your favourite character die in the end or have your favourite character not complete their mission/life goal?

Have my favorite character not complete their mission/life goal. I could see myself getting really into a book where a character fails to complete their mission, but realizes that the journey was still worth it, and that their inherent value as a human being is not defined by their successes or failures. Or a book where a character fails at what they thought their mission was, only to realize that they were prioritizing the wrong things in life. It’s cheesy, but it could be done really well!

8. Would you rather live in a library in space or a live in a library under the sea?

I love Gil’s idea of an underwater city in a sealed vessel, so library under the sea!

9. Would you rather not be able to read any books from your favourite author or have them not publish anything again?

Copying Gil’s answer again: have them never publish anything again, so that way I could at least read and re-read their previous works.

10. Would you rather read everything ever published (even the worst books) or read only one book a year?

I know that it would be impossible to read everything ever published, and that it would entail a lot of books that aren’t good matches for me. But I absolutely love reading and can’t imagine my life without it as a constant…so I would TRY to read everything ever published.

my questions:

  1. Would you rather read an amazing book with a disappointing ending, or a book that is lackluster but gets really good at the end?
  2. Would you rather read only books from your favorite authors, or only books from new authors?
  3. Would you rather write a book (and it could be about anything), or have somebody write a book based on you?
  4. Would you rather read books only as ebooks for the rest of your life, or only listen to them as audiobooks?
  5. Would you rather read only books from series, or read whatever you want EXCEPT that you’d never be able to finish a series?
  6. Would you rather read on the beach or in a cozy cabin in the snow?
  7. Would you rather read in public a book that makes you laugh hysterically or one that makes you ugly cry?
  8. Would you rather read your favorite book out loud to someone else, or listen to a friend read their favorite book out loud to you?
  9. Would you rather be transported to the world of your favorite fantasy/sci-fi novel, or the world of your favorite historical fiction novel?
  10. Would you rather perform in a Shakespeare play, or write a re-telling/re-imagination of one?

I tag…

  • Nirmala @ Red Lips & Bibliomaniacs
  • Rose @ Novels & Teacups
  • Beth @ Beth’s Bookish Backpacking
  • Fatma @ The Book Place
  • Neriman @ Reading Under The Olive Tree
  • Anybody else who wants to do this!!

If you were tagged and can’t or don’t want to do this, please don’t feel pressured to participate. Also, this tag is open to anybody who wants to participate! If you do post your answers to this, please tag me or let me know in the comments so I can read your answers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: Hannah Celeste

Hi! I'm Hannah, a book-blogger from the Northeastern United States. I enjoy reading many genres, cooking and baking, doing yoga, and spending time with my two cats.

17 thoughts on “Would You Rather Book Tag”

  1. Dog-earing (and writing on books) SINCE YOU WERE A KID?? I feel bad for all the books that have fallen in your hands. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But writing also really does help me internalize better, so at least we agree there! And wow, your questions are AMAZING. I can’t help it so I’ll answer one: “Would you rather read your favorite book out loud to someone else, or listen to a friend read their favorite book out loud to you?” I was just talking about this with Melanie the other time, that I could be very disruptive if someone ever does read out loud to me. It would be a trial for us both. So I’d just read aloud to someone else. If they disturb me, I can easily shush them anyway, lol!

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  2. I really like your answer to the question about the character dying vs. missing his/her goal. When I was growing up, I thought the goal in life was to find one good job with health insurance that would keep paying me when I retired, do that for forty years, and then, you know, retire. However, the world has changed, and I’ve reinvented myself a couple of times — twice in the last two years! The message that failing a big goal is bad was really damaging to me.

    Also, finding out an author sucks is the worst! When Junot Diaz was accused by multiple women of being a predator, my brain wrote off all of his books and that fact that I’ve met/talked to him twice.

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    1. I’m glad you’ve been able to reinvent yourself and move past the idea that failing is the worst thing that can happen. It’s something that I’ve had to learn recently, too, and it’s a damaging idea that I wish society would just dispense of altogether at this point.

      And OH NO!! I never knew that Junot Diaz was a predator! That is awful ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  3. If I ever work again, I would like to be a librarian too, Hannah! ๐Ÿ™‚

    These are some tough questions. I’ll answer them here, rather than doing a post. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I’d take a book with a really good ending anyway of the week over a one with a disappointing ending.
    2. Bit of both? I have a list of authors whose works I want to read entirely (I have done so in the past. After I started blogging, 2017 was my Irรจne Nรฉmirovsky year). But I love finding new authors to read.
    3. Neither. ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t think I have the patience to sit down and write a book. And now I hate being in the limelight. I had my 15 minutes of fame when I was in school – I won an amateur world chess championship. No books were written about me, but there were newspaper articles. After the novelty of being known wore off, I realized I like a quiet life!
    4. I hope I’ll never have to choose between the two cos I don’t like either of them! I’m forced to read ebooks now since publishers don’t send out physical copies, and I’m not crazy about ebooks. I’ve tried audio books in the past, but my mind tends to wander off easily!
    5. I’d read whatever I want.
    6. Cozy cabin in the snow! Because I grew up in an island nation, beaches don’t excite me – it’s too familiar. Snow, on the other hand, is still new to me, so I find it more appealing.
    7. A book that makes me laugh hysterically. I cried my eyes out one time after reading Operation Heartbreak by Duff Cooper at my husband’s office, and felt awkward when I had to explain to his friends that I’m crying cos of a book! ๐Ÿ˜›
    8. Have a friend read their favorite book out loud to me – because I’m a bit of lazy bum! ๐Ÿ˜€
    9. This is tricky – most of my favorite historical novels are set in wartime, and I’d rather not be dropped off in the middle of a war! ๐Ÿ˜€ But in theory, I’d like to be transported to the past than to a fantasy/sci-fi world.
    10. Neither. I like attending Shakespeare in the park programs. But I’m way too lazy to memorize lines from Shakespeare plays. (It might also be because English is my second language. I imagine it takes a lot of work to memorize the archaic words.) And I feel trying to retell/ reimagine Shakespeare works will be constraining.

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    1. Great answers!! That is so cool that you won a chess championship (even if the spotlight that followed wasn’t so great). And hahaha yeah, I imagine it would be awkward to explain that you’re crying because of a book lol!


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