Hi, my name is Hannah! Books and Bakes started as a project that combined two of my favorite hobbies: reading and baking. For every book I read in 2019, I baked something inspired by that book. Currently, this blog is heavily focused on books, but I do occasionally post about cooking, baking, and other things that interest me. My favorite genres are literary fiction, science non-fiction, and memoir.

I rate books out of 5 stars using the system below. Sometimes, if I am truly stuck between ratings, I will give half-stars.

  • 1 star – I didn’t enjoy anything about this book. It’s not for me, and I would not recommend it to others.
  • 2 stars – I didn’t enjoy this book, but it had a couple of redeeming qualities.
  • 3 stars – I liked this book in some ways, but also had some issues with it (I will elaborate on what worked for me and what didn’t in the review).
  • 4 stars – I enjoyed this book, and only had a couple of issues with it. I would gladly recommend this book to others.
  • 5 stars – I loved this book! It was perfect (or nearly perfect) for me, and I would gladly recommend it to others.

Other things I like (besides reading), include:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Board games
  • Cats
  • Coffee
  • Oddball comedy TV shows
  • Yoga