Revisiting my Autumn 2019 bucket list

At the beginning of October, I posted a list of 8 fun things that I wanted to do this Autumn. With today being the first official day of Winter, I wanted to reflect and see how I did on my “autumn bucket list.” These were items on the list:

Go apple-picking.

This is a classic autumnal New England activity, best done in September or early October (that’s when most apples are in season here). Unfortunately, I was too stressed and busy in September and early October to make the journey to an apple orchard (most of them are a 1+ hour drive from where I live), so it didn’t happen this year. Hopefully it works out better in 2020!

See “Love is Calling” at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

This exhibit by Yayoi Kusama opened in Autumn, and it sounded really neat! Unfortunately, this item on the bucket list never materialized either. Fortunately, the exhibit is going to be at ICA until February, so there’s still some time to do this!

See “The Nutcracker.”

Yes! My husband and I went out on a Nutcracker date two weekends ago! The dancing, costumes, and music are all captivating and impressive individually…but the way that they all come together is what makes The Nutcracker a truly magical experience. And as a testament to how much this show stuck with me, I have been listening to the soundtrack A LOT since seeing the show.

Try a maple latte.

I sort of did this one. None of the cafes that I frequent served maple lattes on their menu this autumn…but just three days ago I found this draft maple latte at Whole Foods! It was really tasty (surprisingly not too sweet), and packed a nice caffeine punch for such a small drink. That being said, I am still on the search for a maple latte at an actual coffee shop.

Go on a hike through Fall foliage.

Yup, did this one too! Early in the Fall, I went on a walk with some friends through the local arboretum. Then, a couple weeks after that, my husband and I went on a run through a cemetery in our neighborhood (it sounds creepy, but it’s actually a really beautiful space that feels more like a park than a graveyard). And even just walking around my neighborhood, I saw lots of beautiful autumn colors (so much more vibrant in person than what my phone’s camera can capture).

Do something for Halloween.

This is another “sort-of-accomplished” bucket list item. My husband and I had a couple board-games nights with friends the week before Halloween, and we played a spooky cooperative board game (Betrayal at House on the Hill – SUCH a fun game) at those game nights. But neither of those nights were really Halloween celebrations – they were more like board games nights that happened to take place near Halloween. They were fun, though!

Do a “progressive” Autumn-themed dinner with my neighbors.

We did this! The night started with appetizers (risotto, Caprese salad, and floral cocktails) in one apartment, progressed into dinner (pasta, chili, and wine) in the next apartment, and finished with dessert (cranberry curd pie) in my apartment! This night was an absolute blast – the company, the food, and the drinks were all so nice – and I hope that this becomes a tradition among us.

Have tea-based cocktails at the library bar.

I did this one, too! My husband and I went on a date in October, where we got a tapas-style lunch downtown followed by cocktails and dessert at the library’s tea lounge. This was a cool place to experience – and the cocktails and treats were good – but I probably wouldn’t come back here (it is fancy and pricey and feels a bit touristy), except maybe to show it to somebody else who was interested.

What did you do this Autumn?! What are you looking forward to in the Winter?

BLOG-tober #1: my autumn 2019 bucket list.

Hi wordpress friends! I haven’t been posting much over the last month, in part because I have been a lot busier than usual lately. At the same time, though, I love engaging with the wordpress community and posting my content here too. So, in an attempt to not let blogging fall to the wayside, I’m challenging myself to publish 10 original posts this month. These 10 posts won’t follow my usual “books-and-bakes” format (because I already know that I won’t get much baking done this month), but hopefully the posts will still be interesting!

With that, here is my first BLOG-tober post: a list of all the things I hope to do this autumn! Perhaps this list is over-ambitious and/or unrealistic, but I think eight activities in the next twelve-ish weeks should be doable! Anyway, here is my autumn 2019 bucket list:

1. Go apple picking!

This is a fall MUST for me! Apple season ends in about a month (where I live, anyway), so I would like to get this trip done by the end of October! Also, many of the local apple orchards make apple-cider donuts and/or apple cider, which I am definitely interested in. If I make it apple-picking this year, a couple apple-themed bakes will certainly follow.

2. See “Love is Calling” at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

This is what online previews of the exhibit look like: a room full of brightly colored icicle-like sculptures.

The Institute of Contemporary Art recently opened a flashy exhibit called “Love is Calling” by Yayoi Kusama, and it has definitely piqued my interest. I’ve never been to ICA before (actually, I have only been to one museum in Boston), so seeing “Love is Calling” would be a good opportunity to check that out!

3. See The Nutcracker!

From Boston Ballet’s website.

I concede that The Nutcracker is probably more of a WinterThing than an AutumnThing, but showings start in late November. And technically Autumn doesn’t end until mid-December anyway. Regardless, seeing The Nutcracker is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never have! I would like to finally go this year, so it gets a spot on the bucket list.

4. Drink a maple latte.

This may seem silly, but I recently moved from the South to New England. While pumpkin spice lattes are universal, maple lattes are apparently a quintessential New England AutumnThing. So even though I tend to be a year-round cold brew drinker, I’ll have to make at least one exception to try a Maple Latte.

5. Go on a hike during the Fall color change.

This was one of the best Fall color changes I’ve seen in my life…I think this year is going to knock that view out of the water!

The color change is just starting to occur in parts of my neighborhood now…but for the most part trees are still green. When the color change is really underway, I want to go on a walk or hike where I can take in all the Autumn beauty. I’m thinking that my local arboretum, or the cemetery in my neighborhood (which sounds creepy but really isn’t) could be good options.

6. Celebrate Halloween!

From a Halloween party that my friends and I hosted a few years ago (in 2013, I think).

I LOVE Halloween! I love dressing up, seeing others’ creative costumes, listening to Halloween playlists, playing spooky games, and sharing creative food and drink with others. Hopefully my partner and I can find something cool to do this Halloween – perhaps a party or an event at a local brewery. Or maybe just inviting friends over for a fun Halloween-themed spooky games night!

7. Have a progressive autumn dinner with my apartment-mates.

A classic comforting autumn meal.

I live in a three-story flat shared by three couples (my partner and myself included), and we all love cooking, baking, and hosting others. We also all get along very well! We had the idea of having a “progressive” autumn-themed dinner that moves through each apartment in our building. We would do appetizers on the third floor, dinner on the second, and desserts on the first…with drinks to accompany each meal, of course.

8. Drink tea-themed cocktails.

From the tea lounge’s facebook page – doesn’t it look so inviting?

I recently learned about a bar inside the public library that serves tea-themed cocktails (all with book-related names)! Tea, books, and exploring new places are all things that I love – so this bar seems like a must-visit for me.

That’s all for this year’s Fall bucket list! What’s on your bucket list (autumn-themed or otherwise)?